of drownings occur with at LEAST one adult present

9700 people will die as a RESULT of drowning this year

10 cause of accidental DEATH for children ages 12-19 years old

Welcome toG180 Legacy

Founded in 2020, G180 LLC was established to promote a culture of summertime fun by educating swimmers on the importance of water safety and providing swimmers with the necessary swimming pool equipment and recreational swimming equipment to ensure they comply to our motto, i.e., “Be Fun, Be Great, Be Safe” while swimming in open bodies of water....Read More

Learning Safety Can be Fun!

The purpose of sharing our dearest Theo's legacy is to spread awareness about water safety and reduce the number of deaths caused by drowning. This section of our website is updated with various educational content and links to Swimming Pool Recreation Equipment that will make learning about water safety fun for swimmers of all ages.

We believe that these resources will help ensure that swimmers of all ages get to live their best lives and allow them to Be Fun, Be Great, and Be Safe! In addition to featuring Theo's legacy and consequently offering the best swimming equipment, we firmly believe that education is the key to one day SOON eliminating the occurrence of deaths caused by drowning.

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