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Welcome toG180 Legacy

Founded in 2020, G180 LLC was established with the aim to promote a culture of summer time fun by educating swimmers on the importance of water safety, and providing swimmers with the necessary recreational equipment to ensure they can BE FUN, BE GREAT, BE SAFE while swimming in open bodies of water.

Foundational Pillars

Built on the pillars of:

Legacy – G180 was established to honor the legacy of Theoldridge Nash Jr. whose life was tragically cut short at the tender age of 17 while swimming with friends in an open body of water on August 12, 2016. The G180 Legacy honors those ancestors who made it possible for our precious Theo (as we call him) to have such an amazing impact on this earth just within his 17 years of life.

Education – G180’s mission is to educate the community, the state, the United States of America, and then the rest of the world about water safety.

Safety – G180, LLC is committed to providing the market with relevant, fun, and updated recreational safety equipment with the goal of reducing – if not completely eliminating— the occurrence of deaths caused by drowning.

Quality – With a standard of excellence G180 strives to provide the market with quality recreational products that will one day make us the go to provider for swimmers recreational equipment.

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