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Theoldridge (Theo)

As the proud mother of Theoldridge (Theo), and Olivia Nash I started this company after the tragic loss of my son Theo. Theo was so many things during his sort time on this earth. Theo was wise, brilliant, he was a protector, he was strong, compassionate, helpful, and a peacemaker among his peers. Theo’s impact on this earth was felt everywhere he went and beyond.

A little known fact is that he was also a piano player and a theater buff. He was a well-rounded person who loved academics, football, and the arts, and his physical abilities. He was an excellent friend and to know him was to trust him with all of your secrets, concerns, and even your worst problems. He had a way of motivating people to focus on their best qualities and build from there. He never judged anyone by there worst mistake, but he always encouraged you to take accountability and work to ensure you never made the same mistake twice.

He was the most loyal person and if you were gifted a piece of his loyalty I know you still feel it even from heaven. Theo admitted to and owned his own flaws he worked to be better everyday because he was truly committed to personal development.

Theo’s best qualities were his love and relationship with his Lord and savior Jesus, Christ as well as his relationships with his family and friends. However, on August 12, 2016 his life on earth came to a crashing halt.

He screamed for help and his friends tried to rescue him but he was too lean and muscular for them to stay afloat, the patrolling police officers removed their belts and shoes and jumped in to try to save him but he was swept under before they could reach him. There were even boaters and jet skiers who tried to help rescue him, but because he wasn’t wearing a personal flotation device such as a life jacket he was swept under before anyone could render aid. Approximately six hours later the rescue team was able to locate his body (which was found 18 feet under water) and they recover his body.

The morning of August 12, 2016 Theo left home really early for football practice were he was the Varsity Defensive Back for the Little Elm High School football team in Little Elm, TX. Typically Theo would always say, “I love you, have a good day” to his mother before leaving the house but this particular day he had a two-a-day practice session that started extremely early to avoid the Texas heat so he decided not to wake her. After football practice that day he decided to meet a few of his friends at the local lake, Lake Lewisville. He and his friends decided to go for a swim in the open water where he started to experience a severe leg cramp.

Theo’s last moments were spent in a panic screaming for help while people all around him were attempting some form of rescue, but neither he or any of the people rendering aid had a flotation device that would have been able to provide him the buoyancy he desperately needed to stay afloat. As Theo’s mother I mourn him every single day. My mourning is so agonizing that I pray no parent has to experience the same pain. As a result I am making it my mission to educate the community, the state, the country, and the world on the importance of water safety so we can soon eliminate the treat of drowning deaths all together. At G180, LLC we believe that the world is only a few years away from transforming water safety into an essential priority making personal flotation devices the standard for being in and around open bodies of water. G180 was established to ensure everyone has the opportunity to BE FUN, BE GREAT, BE SAFE in and around water activities.

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